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Who We Are

At OneSpark Marketing we are obsessed with getting our clients results that help them grow their businesses beyond their wildest dreams. We diligently work to stay on top of the latest SEO trends, advertising and getting targeted traffic to websites that converts to revenue for you. We also know every business is different and we work with clients to create a custom plan that will get results!

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization

Get your business in front of potential customers that are already looking for your services by showing up in Google

Content Optimization

Content and on page optimzation are more important than ever, we can help get you setup a solid foundation for your website

SEO Consulting

We can evaluate your current website & marketing tactics and help you come up with a winning stragegy for your business


Targeting and finding prospective customers has never been easier & many times cheaper than ever by using Facebook & Google ads

Website Design

A great website is a must in today’s business world. We build high-quality sites that convert & make your business shine

Reputation Management

Bad reviews, disgruntled employees & more can harm your business. We can help get rid of bad reviews & restore your good name

What We Do

Unlike other agencies we set our expectations high & deliver for you

We're upfront about what we do for our clients. From day one you can expect nothing but the best from OneSpark Marketing

More Exposure

We get your website targeted traffic that will get your business more exposure 

More Revenue

More exposure and more customers means more revenue for your business

Always Learning

We are always testing and learning the newest SEO strategies that get results

Work Done In House

We don't outsource work overseas. Instead, we do all work in-house to ensure quality

More Customers

Getting your business more customers is the goal and we deliver on this for our clients

Your Secret Weapon

We work behind the scenes to to get more customers and help grow your business 

Own The 1st Page

Being on the first page is great but having multiple spots there is what we strive for

Monthly Reports

We send monthly reports with campaign performance & custom recommendations

Why Choose OneSpark Marketing


Showing up to prospective customers on page 1 of Google and other search engines is more important than ever. Every day more people use search engines to find businesses and services they need and if you aren’t ranking on page 1 then it’s like you don’t even exist to these prospective customers. In fact, you probably wound up on this page by searching for “SEO Jacksonville” and we were on the 1st page, so we know the importance of not only being an internet marketing agency but also showing you that we know how to rank sites. Since you’re here it probably goes without saying that getting on page 1 isn’t easy and when you’re running a business you don’t have time to be the internet marketer and the boss at the same time!

This is where finding the best Jacksonville marketing agency can not only free up your time but also ignite increased growth and revenue in your business like never before. You’re probably here because you’re at the very least entertaining the idea of hiring a St. Augustine SEO agency but before you do there are some things that you should consider before making that important decision.

Below are 6 things as a business owner, that you should ask yourself and consider before hiring an SEO agency in Jacksonville, FL or if you’re just curious if you should dip your toe into these waters.


1. Not A Cookie Cutter Agency

It’s important that any SEO agency in Jacksonville, FL you work with is not just a cookie cutter agency that offers the same pricing and marketing plan for every business no matter the market, company size, and competition level. Many agencies do this because it’s easy but the truth is just like every business, no marketing plan should be identical. This is why at OneSpark we work to learn about all the aspects of your business, competition and local market to create an optimal game plan for your success.


2. Website Optimization

In this day and age not having a fully optimized website is the equivalent of building a house without a roof, because no matter what other work is done it’s still missing perhaps the most important element! The truth is most marketers out there today do not know how to optimize your website to modern standards because they are using methods that worked 5+ years ago. We are always testing new tactics and methods to stay ahead of the curve and get even more results for our own website and our clients. A fully optimized website means that an ongoing SEO campaign is going to be much more effective and provide quicker results.


3. Future Proof Methods

The goal of any SEO agency in Jacksonville is to rank your website on page 1 of Google but the hard part is to not just get your site to rank on page 1 next month but to have your site ranking on page one for the next 2-3 years. Many tactics agencies use will work in the short term but will eventually get websites penalized and put in the Google doghouse. No matter if it’s Jacksonville or SEO in Orlando, we are always learning, testing and sharing in world-class mastermind groups to stay up on the latest methods that work not just today but will work for years to come. Part of doing that is paying attention to patents that Google and other search engines file, their own press releases and our own experience to guide us in how Google will judge sites in the future.


4. Short Term & Long Term Goals

It’s important that any marketing plan should have short-term goals that build towards long-term goals for your business. This also means that an agency that you work with should be flexible and adaptable to the growth of your business. As your company grows then so should the scope of your marketing plan so that your business can sustain and continue its growth.


5. Quality Services

We’ll be really honest, most agencies are outsourcing the work on their client’s websites overseas. They do this because it’s cheaper and they can take on more clients but doing this puts their client’s websites at risk as people they have never met have full control over these websites, which is the lifeblood of any business in this day and age. While it’s easier and cheaper to do this, at OneSpark we don’t outsource work on our client’s websites. By keeping work done in-house means we can control quality, accuracy and the security of our client’s websites. Whether or not you choose to work with us, this is something you should ask any agency about because if you don’t you could be unknowingly putting your business at risk.


6. Time To Make A Move

As more people every day use the internet to find local businesses and services, now is the time to make the move to get your business noticed online. The longer you wait, the more competitive your market will become, the harder it will be to get to page 1, which of course also means it will become increasingly more expensive to get to page 1.

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